63 minutes and counting.

I try not to look again.

I try not to think about the time.

I try to make my body relax,

Instead, it tenses from head to toe.


I feel the cat uncurl and stretch,

The unique stretch that all cats do,

One Halloween stretch, then around in a circle

And back down in the same place.

How is it that she can sleep again

While I lay here counting the minutes?


How many more minutes have passed since last I looked?

Do I dare look? 10, 20, 30?

I need to relax and shut off my mind

Instead,. my head keeps working

I’m writing poetry without paper

Instead of writing dreams in my sleep.


I have to shut it off, but it doesn’t work that way

When it needs to shut down,

It goes into overdrive.

I’m too tired to stay awake,

But can’t seem to slumber.

Another 15 minutes pass?


I know I can’t stay awake all night reading

Or writing

So why can’t I slip into somnambulance?

That’s just a fancy word for sleep

Just a way to distract me from still being awake,

To keep me from screaming

Into my shrinking skull-

The one with the burning eyes-

Yeah, the one that’s too tired to still be sitting here awake-

The one that wants sleep more than anything.


The cat slumbers

The husband slumbers

The neighborhood slumbers

So why am I still looking at the minutes ticking over?

How do I take out the batteries and shut it down?

Where is the off button?

jee 4.2018